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The ATeam envisions a world in which anyone, of any age, or with any disability enjoys the freedom of mobility.
Cooperative autonomous driving will help solve today’s problems of congestion by ensuring safe and reliable mobility.


Dutch Design Week 2017 – Eindhoven

The ATeam will showcase their HMI design during the Dutch Design Week this October in Eindhoven. More information will follow soon.
For more information on the week itself, click here


Automotive Week 2017 – Helmond, The Netherlands

The ATeam livestreamed a cooperative and autonomous drive on the A270 on the Public Day. The cars showed the benefits of WiFi-p communication between a BMW and a Toyota Prius, an autonomous overtaking manoeuvre, and automated braking and accelerating at an intersection.
On the Education, Research and Students day on Friday, the team invited guests over for a ride in de car, demonstrating ACC with the BMW. Furthermore, guests could also attend the lectures about setting up the communication between the two cars, given by a member of the team.

Electronica 2016 – Messe München
The ATeam partnered with NXP to demonstrate the benefits of wireless communication with traffic lights at Messe München in Munich, Germany . The traffic light broadcasted its state (red, yellow, or green) over Wi-Fi. The ATeam’s Toyota Prius, equipped with a Wi-Fi module for cooperative driving received these Wi-Fi messages as it was approaching the intersection and autonomously performed an action (stop or go) depending on the colour of the light
GCDC 2016 – Helmond, The Netherlands



The ATeam participated in the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC) in May 2016. The GCDC is an international project arranged by i-GAME, supported by the European Commission, in the research of cooperative automation of vehicles.

The GCDC 2016 consisted of two competitive scenarios and one demo scenario, which took place at the A270 highway between Helmond and Eindhoven. The focus of the GCDC is “Cooperative Driving”, where vehicle automation and vehicle-to-vehicle & vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2V & V2I) communication was demonstrated.

The ATeam performed autonomous longitudinal control (platooning) and lateral control (steering) to navigate scenarios such as merging platoons, and joining a T-intersection.

For more information visit www.gcdc.net




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