The ATeam is developing cooperative and autonomous technologies.


The Automotive Technology team (ATeam) is a team from Eindhoven which consists of students and employees of Fontys Eindhoven and the TU/e. The people in the team have different backgrounds but all of them share the passion for autonomous driving and are specialized in different aspects related to Automotive Technology. As such, the ATeam is a multidisciplinary team whose expertise covers the many fields related to autonomous driving, such as: wireless communication, logistics, embedded systems, software engineering, management, control engineering, safety engineering, electrical engineering and human machine interaction.


GCDC stands for ‘Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge’. This challenge was organized by TNO and carried out in cooperation with TU/e, IDIADA and Viktoria Swedish ICT. The main objective of the challenge was to accelerate real-life implementation of wireless communication based automated driving. Cooperative driving means that vehicles interact with each other (V2V) and with the infrastructure (V2I). The purpose was to make vehicles safer and to improve traffic flow.

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